Anna | AHS 2015 Senior

Meet, Anna. I would say she’s an inspiring designer and graphic artist, but that would be misleading. Anna is a designer and graphic artist. (she’s got the business cards to prove it!) It was a no-brainer to make sure she session echoed her style as an artist, and the type of work she creates. The Virigina Museum of Fine Arts provided the clean lines and modern fixtures that reflect her Swiss design style. Anna is not limited to design. She is truly a well-rounded student, a lover of books, and someone who seeks knowledge in just about every subject..well, maybe not math… but, who can blame her. Anna can also take credit for M. Chase Narrative Photography’s new logo, business cards, a good amount of printed material (which will debut SOON!) and our BRAND NEW T-shirts (more on this in a few weeks). She opted to have her entire session shot in film. I couldn’t be more excited to share the results with you!! Keep your eye on this girl — she’s got BIG PLANS ahead of her!

Hair & Make Up | Guy’s & Dolls Hair Salon

2014-10-05_015 2014-10-05_017 2014-10-05_019 2014-10-05_016 2014-10-05_020 2014-10-05_018Last frame of the night was shot digitally — unexpected, unplanned, and one of my favorites! 2014-09-09_001