Black & White Film | Seniors

It’s been a little over a year since I started shooting black and white film for my clients in addition to a digital portfolio. I am really excited that so many of my clients choose to spend their time with me in front of both my digital and film cameras. It is by far one of my FAVORITE aspects of shooting. I will shoot film at just about any portrait session, but do majority of my work in film during engagement sessions, bridal sessions, and senior sessions. This year I have added more film to one of my Senior Portrait Collections since it was such a popular option last year!! Check out the Black and White Yearbook Session for more information!

I am a huge fan of color — in my house every room is painted a different color, my wardrobe is full of prints and patterns in vibrant colors, and have I mentioned that I’m an art teacher!?! I embrace color! However, sometimes, color can be a distraction. If you look at a series of images you may only notice the color, and not the subject. When you take away the color, you begin to notice a few other important factors — their expression, their emotion, their body language, the textures, the lighting and the overall composition. It’s not about the color. It’s about the person.

Then, let’s take it to another level when it’s not a color image that has been converted to black and white. Instead, it is an image that was always intended to be shot in black and white and not converted. The light reacts to the black and white film in a way the light can’t react to a camera’s digital sensors. It picks up a vast range of value, beautifully softens the background with its grain, and hones in on details. I love it. I am so excited to be shooting with it more often!!! Here are a handful of my favorite black and white film images from past Senior Sessions. Let’s take advantage of this gorgeous medium and experience Senior Portraits with the best of both worlds! I’m booking 2014 Seniors now!! Email me for more information –