Camping Styled Shoot | Film

My best friend got married this past weekend in the Shenandoah Valley. She and her husband planned a wedding at a goat farm in the small town of Luray. As part of the bridal party, we spend several nights with the bride and groom in cabins in the woods. We were completely cut off from the internet, had a bonfire every night, and relied on the sun to wake us up. This past weekend reminds me a lot of the the styled shoot I am sharing with you today! I teamed up with Kim Leonard Photography to shoot this session as we said good bye to Summer, and welcomed Fall. Kim and I are both lifestyle photographers that love to shoot film whenever we can — so we decided to set up a session we’d enjoy shooting with our film cameras! Here are a few favorites of mine! Now booking Fall Sessions for October & November! Email me for more information!

2014-09-14_007 2014-09-14_006 2014-09-14_012 2014-09-14_008 2014-09-14_004 2014-09-14_001 2014-09-14_002 2014-09-14_003 2014-09-14_009 2014-09-14_014 2014-09-14_005 2014-09-14_011 2014-09-14_013Models | Alexa & Abbey (and Oxford!)
Film | FujiPro 160
Scans | PhotoVision