Madison’s Story

As an artist, I have this need to create. It’s a process that I find myself doing, because I have to.. you can call it an outlet, an escape, a passion.. but it’s very much apart of how I communicate.

I shot my first wedding in 2006 while at VCU for a friend using two film cameras. One that held color film & the other black and white. This is the first wedding I ever shot by myself. Her wedding will always be a favorite of mine.

I graduated from The School of the Arts with a BFA in Art Education. I wanted to be a fine arts teacher, and more specifically, a photography teacher. I was fortunate to spend 4 years in a high school doing just that. I wanted my students to realize how much power and potential they have when they find their voice — creating, building thoughts, and speaking using words and images.

Like so many others in my field, the decline in our economy caught me and I spent two years fighting for my teaching position. During that two year period, M. Chase Narrative Photography began out of necessity. Now I find myself with all of these roles interwoven together. I still create art for myself to display in galleries, and I create beautiful film and digital portrait for others, and I am fortunate to be back in a high school Fine Arts classroom.