Alexa | 2013 Senior

I’ve been in business for 3 years now.. and I knew it was bound to happen.. the skies turned gray, you could feel the cool air pushing into Richmond, and then, it POURED. I do my absolute best to watch the radar, listen to the latest forecast, but then there comes a point where you just have to risk it and try to shoot through it! We headed downtown for Alexa’s shoot and the sun was shining!! An hour later… the wet weather was on top of us. It’s the first time, and it won’t be the last time, that I’ve had a session get completely interrupted by impending weather. I also experienced my first wet wedding earlier this Summer, but that’s another story!  Looking at the glass half full, it was the best time for it to rain.  We were about to change locations, and once we got in the car, the heavens unleashed its fury on us. Not only did it pour buckets, but it HAILED. Really!?! This is what 10% chance of rain meant. It certainly made for a memorable afternoon! The storm did pass, and we were back to shooting! I’m just glad we were not one of the many people running back from Belle Isle, DRENCHED.

Despite the thick humidity and afternoon storm, Alexa was an absolute natural in front of the camera! It’s always fun to photograph students who come from an art and performance background.. they are up for it all! It was very fitting that Alexa chose the Styled Yearbook Session with professional hair and make up with lots of outfit changes. I think we managed to squeeze in FOUR outfits in two hours! I would LOVE to shop in her closet! It is so fun to plan these sessions when everyone is giving input on what they want, what they like, and what they want the final images to look like. Alexa is a beach-loving girl who loves to be downtown and on the go! I love that Richmond can deliver a little bit of everything in one place! I don’t want to speak too much about her college plans, because I know she has some family history at a certain university, but I also believe she’s going to knock it out of the park (much like this session)! I highly approve of her goals to major in photography and minor in business!! Let’s just say that she’s going to look great in purple and gold!!

FILM is included in the Styled Session — and I just LOVE what the black and white adds to this session! Post storm, a deserted Belle Isle is ALL ours!  More film!! So beautiful Alexa!!  Finally, how about some fun with bubbles!!! It’s the perfect summer accessory!