Film Session | 2013 Senior

I’m continuing to shooting all my sessions digitally and I’m enjoying the addition of film as an option in many of my portrait sessions.  I am loving the addition of film to my Senior, Engagement, and Bridal sessions. It brings such an authentic look and feel to their images. I don’t alter them in Photoshop at all – except to remove some dust.

It’s the best practice there is as a photographer. I’m all about it.

This Senior Session has been a labor of love for the past several months. Haylie and I have been collaborating on ideas, styles, outfits, venues, and the overall concept since January — her 40’s style inspiration comes from a very personal place. Over the past year, much of Haylie’s own artwork has been influenced by her Grandmother. Therefore, it made perfect sense to style this shoot with her Granny’s essence in mind. We kept the style in the  30’s / 40’s — WWII era — and we wanted to have elements of both Haylie and her Granny – a mix of old and new. Thinking about your Senior Session in this way will make your Senior portraits much more meaningful to you. (And if you don’t know where to start – I can help with that!) Haylie’s personal style consists of lots of layers, like oversize sweaters, throwback t-shirts, scarfs, and lots of flats — and she’s always out to find a good bargain. We certainly wanted to keep some of those elements within our concept. Haylie chose the outfits – giving herself one very vintage look, another more modern approach, and something more casual. The ladies at Guys & Dolls really out did themselves and made the vision come to life with the perfect addition of hair and make up for this session! The best part of all — all the jewelry is her Granny’s. The beautiful orange earrings, bracelet, both necklaces, and even the watch. I love that so much. We also used her Grandmother’s suitcases and Bible. The personal touches make this shoot one of a kind.

It’s hard for me to articulate everything I want to say about this session because this session, and this Senior, are so special to me. I have taught Haylie for the past 3 years in both fine arts & darkroom photography. She is also attends weddings as my assistant, and often shoots with me. As her teacher, and mentor, I have loved seeing her gain confidence in her skill set as an artist and photographer. Mark my words — this girl has got IT. She is extremely strong-willed, doesn’t take “no” as an answer, she’s quick with her wit, and despite her size, she’ll put up a fight. I like her a lot.:)I know that her Senior year is going to be FULL of art making and chasing her dream of attending art school. I’m excited to see what’s in her future, and I love being apart of it!

Rolleiflex | Kodak Plus-X 125

Again, it’s expired, so the colors are a little off and I’ve heard Fuji tends to be on the red side… I could “correct” this in Lightroom or Photoshop, but.. why?

It’s the film. It’s part of the process. It’s not an error.

Fuji Pro 160S